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Economic Impact
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Flim Commissioners Interviews
Flim Commissioners Interviews
April 10 - 12, 2008, Film Commissioners from around the world convened in Santa Monica, Caliifornia. We interviewed a handful ... (more)
Film Commissions and Regional Media Support Offices (R.M.S.O.s)
Film Commissions and Regional Media Support Offices (R.M.S.O.s)
There are Hundreds and Hundreds of Film Commissions and R.M.S.O.s around the world. Find the right one for you... (more)
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( April 11, 2007)

Trinidad & Tobago Film Commission

News about Film Commissions and Regional Media Support Offices

Commission considers global film cooperation programme..." read story

June 9, 2008. EuroAlert.net

Realities, hopes and anxieties of ‘location interests’ in Massachusetts, Belfast, and English film industries..." read story

June 9, 2008. AFTRSMedia.com

British line producers head for LA, as UK pushes for more US films..." read story

June 9, 2008. Variety.com

Arizona is good for movies..." read story

June 9, 2008. AZCentral.com

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Promotional Videos
Promotional Videos
Film Commissions and RMSOs are now producing Promotional Videos to entice filmmakers to their regions ... (more)
What is a "Film Commission"?

A Film Commission is a quasi-government entity set up to entice film, television, and other media productions to use that commission's locations and/or services for all or part of the production.

Why? Main reasons include ... (more)

What is a "Regional Media Support Office" (R.M.S.O.)?

R.M.S.O.s are "Regional Media Support Offices".

They are very similar to Film Commissions. One major difference, however, is ... (more)



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